Computer vision is going through a fast evolving and disruptive period. By 2022 the computer vision market is expected to reach $48 billion, with increased demand and awareness for AI products. Industries such as robotics, autonomous vehicles, and surveillance are quickly demanding vision as a core component of their current and future offerings.

At Sighthound we wanted to spend time with one of the industry pioneers to get his point-of-view as we continue to push what is possible with computer vision. 


What Is Inside

This video e-book contains individual question and answer videos with Dr. Mubarak Shah taken in April 2018 at his research lab in the University of Central Florida. 

Dr. Shah is interviewed by Sighthound CEO Stephen Neish and Director of Research,  Zain Masood. 

About Dr. Shah

Dr. Mubarak Shah, Trustee Chair Professor of Computer Science, is the founding director of the Center for Research in Computer Vision at UCF. His research interests include: video surveillance, visual tracking, human activity recognition, visual analysis of crowded scenes, video registration, UAV video analysis, etc. Dr. Shah is a fellow of IEEE, AAAS, IAPR and SPIE. He is ACM distinguished speaker. He was an IEEE Distinguished Visitor speaker for 1997-2000 and received IEEE Outstanding Engineering Educator Award in 1997. He received the Harris Corporation's Engineering Achievement Award in 1999, the TOKTEN awards from UNDP in 1995, 1997, and 2000; Teaching Incentive Program award in 1995 and 2003, Research Incentive Award in 2003 and 2009, Millionaires' Club awards in 2005 and 2006. He is an editor of international book series on Video Computing; editor in chief of Machine Vision and Applications journal, and an associate editor of ACM Computing Surveys journal. He was an associate editor of the IEEE Transactions on PAMI, and a guest editor of the special issue of International Journal of Computer Vision on Video Computing.

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Learn about computer vision and its future impact on business and technology with Dr. Mubarak Shah.

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