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See how Sighthound Sentry is the easiest way to add computer vision to your product.

Sighthound Sentry SDK:
Enabling Your Product's Computer Vision

Detect, Track, & Identify
People, faces, vehicles, and more in one easy to integrate SDK.
12 Advanced Vision Modules
Complete computer vision on one platform
Build Once & Deploy Anywhere
Mobile, Embedded, Server, or Cloud Sentry can be deployed on any environment

Computer Vision SDK for Any Use Case

Combine Capabilities to Make Intelligent Applications

Sighthound Sentry is highly versatile, deeply learned computer vision software designed primarily for OEMs. Whether you are looking to provide amber alerts using vehicle recognition from highway cameras, or facial recognition for mobile authentications, or age and gender analysis for intelligent digital signage, we have the capabilities you need.

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Simple SDK
The easiest way to add computer vision to your product.
Proprietary Deep Network Technology

Backed by the Best Performing Technology

Sighthound consistently tops accuracy benchmarks.

Methods Accuracy (top-1) Accuracy (top-5)
Sighthound Cloud 95.88% 99.53%
GoogLeNet 91.2% 98.1%
Overfeat 87.9% 96.9%
AlexNet 81.9% 94.0%

compCar Dataset

Methods Accuracy (%)
Sighthound 1 99.2%
DRM 2 89.9%
SSDML 3 88.8%
RNP 4 88.6%
MSSRC 5 85.6%
Face++ 6 84.1%
SANP 7 80.4%
OpenCV 8 49.6%

PubFig200 Dataset

Methods Accuracy (%)
Sighthound 91.00%
Microsoft [2] 90.86%
Rothe et al. [1] 88.75%
Levi and Hassner [7] 86.80%
Kairos [8] 84.66%
Face++ [3] 83.04%

Adience Dataset

Power Your Application with Sighthound Sentry Computer Vision

Multi-Platform Computer Vision SDK
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Vehicle Recognition Benchmark

Face Recognition Benchmark

Gender Recognition Benchmark

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